Using Customer Service as a Strategic Weapon

Yes, you can. In fact, armed with just the customer-service weapon your business will be safe from harm.

Vincent Deschamps, chief executive officer and chairman of the board for Echopass Corp., shared his thoughts on CRM and how to use customer service as a strategic weapon.

His suggestions:

  1. Align with the company’s vision.
  2. Focus on the customer experience.
  3. Segment the customers.
  4. Take care of the agents.
  5. Find the best partner.
  6. Inspect what you expect.

Number 1 and 6 are mostly overlooked on this list. Most companies don’t really view customer service as part of their strategic goal. They think that it is only a sales or marketing component. In fact, other departments think that customer service skills are only for those in sales or marketing. A big misconception, indeed.

Also, for number 6, again, many companies miss out that from the beginning, they need to measure everything they do in relation to their goal. All companies must ask themselves these questions first: Do you want to improve customer retention? Increase revenues? Double business without increasing costs?

Deschamps is right in saying that “Regardless of the goal, include measurements. Set the bar high, and know what’s happening inside your customer service organization.”

Bron:Customer Relations: The New Competitive Advantage

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