Personality & Quality Assessment

I think a few people in my pre-conference workshop were surprised when I started the session with a brief personality test. After all, what do personality types have to do with QA in our call center?!

Believe me, the longer I spend in this field the more I come to understand that personality often plays a huge, unrecognized role in a company’s QA program. The structure and function of Quality Assessment appears to be a nuts and bolts proposition complete with data, metrics, charts, graphs, sample sizes, and statistical methodology. The goal of QA is to objectively measure what takes place in phone calls. A good QA scale will allow you to quantify these “moments of truth” in very clear, systematic ways.

Nevertheless, the program is built and administered by people. The results are communicated by people and used to coach and train people. Quality Assessment is about people, and the personalities of those people affect QA in a very real sense from beginning to end. If you’re not careful, personalities can skew or derail the QA process altogether. A good QA program will provide a balanced measurement that minimizes the effect personalities may have on the process.

How are the personalities of your management team, your call center manager, your supervisors, and your CSRs affecting your QA process?

Bron: Tom Vander Well, QAQnA

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