The advantages at a glance

In your contact center you seek a good balance between quality and cost. It would be great if call duration decreases about 15% and customers are still satisfied. This is possible by, preferably at a distance, monitoring a series of calls of a single employee. This provides you with an optimal image for effective coaching at the lowest possible cost.

Recording equipment is usually expensive and needs complex alternations to your PBX. Before you realise, you have yet another IT project that you don’t want. Tape-it-easy doesn’t need to link with your PBX thanks to it’s voice recognition, can be deployed fast and enables your trainers and coaches to work effectively. Indeed, the waiting time of the agent is no longer the waiting time for the trainer or coach. Because Tape-it-easy uses voice recognition, it works with any PBX.

We can help you draw up a business case for Tape-it-easy. For this purpose, send an e-mail to the sales department. Click here for more benefits.

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