More benefits

  • Tape-it-easy doesn’t require difficult Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) couplings. This means you can replace your PBX without losing control over your quality monitoring.
  • Because Tape-it-easy uses voice recognition, it doesn’t matter whether or how your agents are logged on to the system. Additionally, they will feel much less a number, which has a huge impact on their self esteem.
  • The chance of disruption in your call traffic is completely absent with Tape-it-easy, because it is a stand alone application. If for example the electricity of our server fails (or if you decide to disable it), your phone traffic will simply continue.
  • Tape-it-easy is configured in order to show you the full customer journey. Including time on hold and transfers. This provides you with a logical and coherent image of the customer experience, regardless of the numer of times the customer is transferred. Tape-it-easy stops recording when the customer hangs up.
  • We will provide aprice quote in advance. At Tape-it-easy you pay in the form of a monthly subscription, with a fixed price per agent. You can uncheck prolonged absent agents, after which we won’t charge them on the invoice. For a price quote, send an e-mail with the number of agents and desired contract length (after the 100 day trial period) to
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