How does Tape-it-easy work?

The innovation of Tape-it-easy is that it uses voice recognition instead of complex CTI links. Tape-it-easy works on every PBX, old or new. Below we describe it’s main features if you’re using ISDN-30 or SIP trunking to connect to the public phone network.

Our enigneers draw off your ISDN-30 traffic with a simple coupling block. This way, our server becomes stand-alone and has nothing to do with your IT-infrastructure. All traffic comes in via your PBX and the Tape-it-easy server. Should anything happen to our server, you won’t notice: all telephone traffic is split. There will be made a link between our server and your office network, for two reasons:

  • Your supervisors, coaches and team leaders need access to the Tape-it-easy application to be able to quickly monitor the quality of their agents' calls.
  • The application will send the agents an internal e-mail to identify themselves for the voice recognition.

Next, you specify which incoming phone numbers should be monitored. The software only monitors the calls that are conducted to these phone numbers. The calls are matched with the voices of your agents, and the software ensures that there are 5 calls from every agent ready to listen for theauthorizedteam leader, coach or supervisor. The recorded calls are destroyed after 8 days. This enables you to monitor your agentsobjectively, and remain within the legal framework.

SIP trunk
If your PBX is using SIP trunks to connect to the phone network, we will set up a mirror server that copies all incoming phone traffic. In this set-up our server also acts as a stand-alone and doesn’t affect your phone infrastructure. The Tape-it-easy software determines which calls should be preserved, by matching the calls with the voice of the agent. Again, the applications holds 5 calls per agent per working day, and destroys them after 8 days.

This set up also requires a link to your office LAN. Our server has to be able to send an internal e-mail to those agents that need to bee included, and your supervisors should be provided access to the Tape-it-easy application. You can rest assured that your calls remain within the walls of your contact center.

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